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    We are the shrink wrap experts!

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    We specialize in commercial and construction shrink wrapping!

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    We shrink wrap boats!

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    Protect your investments!

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    Shrink or Sink is the only industrial shrink wrap company you will need!

Locally owned and operated in Sacramento, California, we provide services throughout Northern California.


Welcome to Shrink or Sink


ShrinkOrSink specializes in shrink wrapping services by providing a skintight barrier that will protect any shaped object from the elements for weatherization, shipping, or storage purposes.


Our Services


ShrinkOrSink offers a complete shrink wrapping system for containment and protection purposes. Our services covers a wide range of industries including abatement, construction, manufacturing, and transportation just to name a few.



ShrinkOrSink has a staff of shrink wrap experts that are able to provide a level of service that will have you amazed.